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Environmentally Friendly

Our business has grown from a small mom and pop business with one location to a well respected name in our industry with six convenient locations. We are continuously attending trade shows to keep the processing equipment up to date for production and most important, quality. In the last two years we have installed robotic tensioning equipment, high efficiency electric boilers, high efficiency custom cooling systems, state of the art environmentally friendly dry-cleaning machines, many presses, and the latest point of sale tracking systems.

With all the advanced equipment we can produce more garments, more consistently, while helping our environment. Our chemicals are biodegradable and non hazardous, very few cleaners nationwide can say that. We at Jaguar Cleaners are proud to be "GREEN."

We also reuse hangers and closed safety pins and appreciate anyone who returns them. By returning hangers, plastic shoulder savers and "closed" safety pins we are able to keep costs down and help save the environment.